Also called assisted living in BC, Supportive Living offers housing, hospitality services and personal assistance to seniors who can live independently, but need a little help with daily tasks. Supportive seniors living communities look very similar to independent living seniors communities – just with the addition of extra help with dressing, bathing, and medication monitoring (plus more) if residents need it.

But what makes someone eligible for Supportive in Alberta?

The answer on the surface is easy: if you require personal care and hospitality services, but are still self-directed and somewhat independently mobile, you may want to consider assisted living to get the proper care and support you need for healthy aging.

Where it gets complicated is the difference between publicly subsidized and private pay supportive living residences. Private pay is simple – if you want and need supportive living, you’ll be charged a market rate for accommodation and services, much like a hotel. However, publicly funded supportive living has a more complicated process.

To qualify for DSL3, you must:

–   Require both hospitality services and personal care services

–   Be medically and physically stable

– Move independently, or with the help of one other person

– Be able to use a call system to get help

–   Agree to pay the accommodation rate and any additional charges that will not be subsidized by the government. Only health care services in designated supportive living settings are publically funded. 

–   And have been assessed and referred by a healthcare professional or home and community care office in your health authority

Access to publicly funded supportive living is on a priority basis and, once you’ve met all the above criteria, your existing needs, supports, and the urgency of your situation will affect how soon you are able to access publicly funded supportive living. Your personal preferences and the availability of the limited government-funded care units also affect the amount of time you’ll wait.

For those looking for independence, with a little help, supportive living can be extremely helpful and life-giving. Families have peace of mind knowing that their loved one will have improved quality of life and seniors in supportive living can expect access to personalized care, nutritious meals, a wide range of social activities, and a safe home and community – all things that help to slow cognitive decline and keep seniors healthier and happier for longer.

Garneau Hall is a non-profit organization, which means that, while we are a private pay seniors community, every dollar we earn goes back into the quality of living of our community. Our invested business approach allows us to provide affordable, fair market rates for quality housing, services, amenities, and hospitality. Independent and assisted living suites starting from $2,350/month available now!