Are you thinking of moving to a seniors housing community in Edmonton? Maybe you’re still trying to figure out if it’s a good option for you or senior loved one. Many seniors find senior housing to be a great option as they are able to prolong their independence. Whether it’s your own hesitation holding you back, there are certainly benefits of moving. A few benefits are:

Opportunities for social engagement in Seniors Living Communities

The process of aging can sometimes be a lonely experience as it may be difficult for others in your immediate family to relate. At many senior housing communities, social engagement and interaction is encouraged among residents to ensure residents do not feel isolated. Whether it’s participating in organized group activities or just simply socializing with like-minded individuals who you enjoy spending time with, a little goes a long way and mental health is important at all senior housing communities.

Senior housing inclusive services

Hospitality plays a core role in ensuring seniors are comfortable in their transition to senior housing. Maybe you want to enjoy some snacks and refreshments between meals? The quality dining service offers daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as locally sourced foods from Edmonton. If there is an appointment you need to attend off-site, there are transportation services available for your convenience and safety. You can also rest assured that regular housekeeping and maintenance is taken care of by our experienced staff at Garneau Hall. There are also support services such as personal care, medication administration, 24/7 staff and security, as well as wellness checks available for your convenience.

A new experience in Edmonton

Living in one place for a long period of time may not be enjoyable for some seniors, especially the ones who were avid travellers when they were younger. Maybe they miss the feeling of trying something new and experiencing a different lifestyle. Senior housing provides seniors with the opportunity to feel young again by experiencing Edmonton in a new light.