Life presents more and more risks as you age. Simple things like walking up the stairs of your home, driving or walking to get groceries, or getting out of bed can suddenly become complicated and difficult. While many older adults want the familiarity and comfort of aging in place, that may not be their safest option. Garneau Hall Seniors Community provides Seniors housing in Edmonton that is designed with the safety and comfort of older adults in mind. Here’s how we ensure senior safety:

1. 24/7 seniors housing onsite staff

One of the biggest safety benefits of living in senior’s housing is that you are not alone. Many Seniors Housing communities are staffed 24/7, which means that if seniors need or want anything, they get help. In-suite emergency systems and daily check-ins allow staff to stay on top of any care needs and help to build trusting relationships with residents, which may make them more likely to disclose health needs.

Older adults are also more often sought out as crime victims and less likely to recover from their victimization. 24/7 staffing at seniors communities means that someone will always be  there to watch over you. Many seniors communities are even outfitted with security guards and cameras, which ensure that their residents are not exploited.

2. Seniors housing suites designed to help physical safety

Even though aging at home is familiar, a typical house may not be designed with senior safety in mind. According to the 2016 Canadian census, almost a quarter of seniors lived below standards. Seniors need single floor living, wide hallways, lever handles on doors and faucets, and no step entry ways – all things that are typically included in a seniors residence.

To minimize the risk of falls and increase physical safety, a good seniors home will be designed with the physical needs of seniors in mind. You’ll see things like flat threshold, ramps, hallway handrails, wider halls, walk-in showers and tubs, grab bars in bathrooms, and good lighting in seniors communities. In some homes, portions of the building will have secure doors and private outdoor areas to keep residents who need memory care from wandering and getting lost. 

3. More Convenience

As a resident in seniors housing, you have access to the amenities and care available at your community. Many seniors homes offer housekeeping services, grocery shopping trips, shuttle service to appointments, and meals and activities outside your front door. These chores could increase the risk of tripping, falling, or getting injured, but when they’re taken care of, seniors live hassle-free! Some seniors communities even provide on-site wellness clinics and exercise classes to help seniors stay healthy.

If you’re concerned about your aging loved ones safety, it may be time to consider seniors housing in Edmonton. Garneau Hall Seniors Community is designed to help seniors live healthy and active lives with the safety precautions they need to keep them safe from harm. Book a tour today or contact us by email at or phone 780.433.3177 to learn more!